Toronto is home to some of the world's most distinguished musicians. Whether on stage at the Canadian Opera Company, symphony halls across Canada, or performing spaces across the globe, our singers continue to share their amazing artistry and communication with audiences worldwide.

At Rosedale Presbyterian Church, we believe that music is a gift that is meant to be shared with others through song. It is our hope that these recordings will introduce you to this recent vocal series, organised by pianist Rachel Andrist and soprano Monica Whicher, one which we trust has enriched the cultural life of Toronto and delighted both long-time music lovers and first-time concert goers alike.

Wanderlust ... There and Back Again
With Rachel Andrist at the piano, Lucia Cesaroni, Emily D'Angelo and Anthony Cleverton sing of journeys, travels and returning home as imagined by Schumann, Ravel and other masters of the Lied.

Serenades Forgotten and Found
Gillian Keith, Michèle Bogdanowicz and Charles Sy with Rachel Andrist at the piano. "Forgotten" works from Debussy's Vasnier songbook and a "Found" world premiere song cycle by Elizabeth Raum, among others.

A Walk on the Dark Side
Featuring Leslie Ann Bradley, Alysson McHardy and Geoff Sirett with Rachel Andrist and Robert Kortgaard at the piano. A range of pieces on the themes of myths, legends and fairy tales.

The Seven Vices
Temptations that might entice or ensnare us are explored in music and song by Lindsay Barrett, Robert Gleadow and Michael Colvin with Rachel Andrist at the piano.

Love... Actually?
Requited and otherwise! Sometimes it's the "otherwise" that makes for the best music. With Nathalie Paulin, Lauren Segal, Zach Finkelstein and Anthony Cleverton. Rachel Andrist at the piano.

The Seven Virtues
Leslie Ann Bradley, Allyson McHardy and Peter Barrett with Rachel Andrist and John Greer at the piano explore the theme of the virtues (chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility) first listed in an epic poem by Aurelius Prudentius Clemens, a Roman Christian poet born in 348.