Evangel Hall

Ministry Coordinator:
Sandy Johnston

Volunteers Jill Sword, Sandy Johnston, Irene King
and Marg Tuer preparing the food at Evangel Hall

A ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, Evangel Hall enables the distressed of Toronto's inner city to achieve their potential through a Christian ministry of service, programs and advocacy designed to nurture self-esteem and human dignity.

Friends and members of RPC visit the hall regularly to prepare a meal, eat with the Hall's guests, and join together in a service of worship following the meal.

To become involved in volunteering with Rosedale's team at Evangel Hall, or to find out more, please contact Sandy Johnston or call the church office at 416.921.1931.

"Evangel Hall means everything to me. Sometimes I've got nothing to eat, I come here, they give me something that lasts until my cheque comes. I'm very happy here. I have found many friends here, and they all like me and I like them. This is the nicest place I've ever come to."
-Evangel Hall Client

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