Memorandum of Understanding
For Members of the
St James Town Ecumenical Coalition

Who we are
The St James Town Ecumenical Coalition was formed by people who were concerned about the disparity between mainstream Toronto and the neighbourhood of St James Town. The Coalition is a place where residents and non-residents can come together to improve conditions in St James Town, recognizing that the best way to work in the neighbourhood is in partnership with others, be they individuals or organizations.

What we do
The Coalition strives to cross all barriers and embrace all who call St James Town home. Its efforts are an expression of our Christian faith and we warmly welcome people of other religious traditions to join the Coalition in its work. Our goal is to offer whatever resources the community needs based on our ability to provide. These resources range from financial to moral to political to physical. The resources we provide are intended to build the capacity of the residents, programs and organizations in St James Town.

How we do it
1. Any group based in Toronto can apply to become a member of the Coalition so long as they share the desire to make St James Town a better place and agree to our Memorandum of Understanding. Admission to the Coalition will be granted through the consensus of the current members.

2. Each organization shall have one vote although multiple members of an organization can attend and contribute at meetings.

3. Because we are an ecumenical group comprised of different traditions, the Coalition will only undertake projects or programs on the basis of consensus.

4. Each Coalition member is expected to report back to its own governing body all of the activities of the Coalition.

Membership in the Coalition obligates all members to contribute whatever they can bring to the Coalition's work. There are many kinds of gifts - including, but not limited to money, gifts in kind such as physical space and material gifts, volunteer time and prayer. All are needed. Members of the Coalition are expected to contribute whatever gifts they can. They are also expected to support the efforts of the Coalition as well as each member's programs in St James Town.

5. It is not for lack of programs that St James Town suffers rather it is a dearth of resources-financial and human-to maintain and grow these programs. Before creating new programs the Coalition will ensure there are no other similar viable programs to support and thereby increase capacity instead of the Coalition offering competing services.

6. A member can only be removed through the consensus of all the other members of the Coalition.

7. The Coalition does not have a budget, but instead acts as a conduit, through its members, for resources to flow to programs.

8. All requests for money will be made in the name of specific projects or programs in St James Town with all raised funds going to these projects.

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