We Have Been Chosen To Help

Over the past 100 years Rosedale Presbyterian Church (RPC) has been generously and passionately reaching out to a variety of communities. Beneficiaries of this outreach include the members of our own Congregation as well as members of other communities. Gratified by the connections it has established, RPC and its members will remain involved in, and continue to reach out to our communities for the next 100 years.

We plan to achieve this goal by:

Involving our congregation in Christian works in local, national and international communities such as:

• Evangel Hall
• Homework Help in St. James Town
• Boarding Homes at Kennedy Residences
• Malawi water well drilling
• Out of the Cold
• Portland Place
• Rwanda school tuition

By ensuring we have a strong and sustainable financial foundation we will remain active indefinitely.

Our financial foundation is rooted in weekly givings that fund the normal course of our operations. Our operational budget does not have recourse to our capital funds.

Therefore, we have created two perpetual funds to supplement our activities:

The Mission, Ministry and Arts Fund:

Ensures that three of the core values of RPC - Mission, Ministry and the Arts - will be upheld in the present day and be expanded into the future.

 Since its inception, RPC has embraced mission and this fund supports the congregation's efforts to meet the needs of our neighbours in our city, in Canada and around the world.

 RPC has supported the development of knowledge and skills for Christian ministry. The fund builds upon that tradition and enables leaders, and potential leaders of the church to learn and develop through workshops and certified programs.

 Music and other forms of the Arts have always played an integral part in the worship and life of the congregation, and the fund supports this to enhance the worship, outreach and growth of RPC.

The Facilities Fund:

Will be used to provide for the maintenance and upkeep of the physical assets of the congregation such as maintenance and capital projects.

Your financial support for this congregation can take a variety of forms.

To support the ongoing operations of the church:

Weekly givings support RPC directly through envelope giving during the service or on a regular, direct debit basis. Givings can also be directed to specific causes or to our perpetual Funds. Givings are usually cash, cheque, visa, direct debit to a visa or direct debit to a bank account.

To support our long term objectives, donations of capital to either or both of our perpetual Funds are encouraged:

Donations can be made in cash or by a number of other options that best suit your circumstances:

 Give the Gift of Securities

 Include RPC in your will

 Provide Gifts of Life Insurance

 Consider Charitable Gift Annuities

If you wish to find out more, please click here.

The members of the Stewardship Team are available to answer any questions you might have regarding your support of Rosedale Presbyterian Church.

Rosedale Presbyterian Church
129 Mt Pleasant Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
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Thank you for chosing to help!